Meet Lincoln

Guess we have a little catching up to do…..

NC Snow 2010

Some fun pics from our trip to Smithfield, NC.

Olivia’s 1st Ballet Recital

The Princess & The Dragon

We were bored one weekend and I decided to take my kids on a ride through the entire production process. They wrote the script themselves.  We shot the footage on a blue wall in their bedroom, recorded a voice over and added special effects.  They got to see the entire production process on a small scale.  It was a lot of fun… it looks like there might be a sequel. Enjoy!

School’s Out!

It is officially Summer in our world. We definitely didn’t think we’d still be living here by now, but we’re having fun in the meantime.

Here are some pictures of from Olivia’s Field Day.

We sure are going to miss all of the sweet friends she made this year.

She’ll be gone before we know it. Trying not to blink until then.

Way to go, Kindergarten Grad!

Waiting. . . .

We are pretty consumed by our circumstances right now, so we haven’t thought much of blogging.

We are planning on moving to Raleigh as soon as this house sells (or burns down, whatever).

Josh is still working at the church (until the 15th) by day and burning the midnight oil with all of his contract work.

I’m staying one step behind the kids to keep the house “ready to show” and researching the schools in Wake County to see where we want to live. (which changes everyday as do the school districts, apparently)

In the meantime, here’s what we’ve been up to:

Fun in the snow at Mimi’s house.

Charlotte turned. . .

Got some presents.

Olivia was slightly less than amused.

Banana Splits for the Birthday breakfast.


Had a party with our friends.

Creighton reached cake Nirvana.

And then, Olivia’s school had a Family Dance.

We were instructed not to dance.

(I tried anyway)

Group hug with the besties.

Horsing around with Dad.

and an inflatable sea serpent.

Successful first quarter at Peters Inc.

I’ll post all of the Easter pics soon. Off to enjoy all the yellow-coated goodness outside in the sun.

Some things never change. . . . .

I pray that she never does.

Away In A Manger

The girls performed “Away In A Manger” at the Christmas Eve service at Whitley Memorial United Methodist Church, with their Poppy.  Honestly I was worried during the rehearsal the day before, since they didn’t know the lyrics… but they are true professionals and they turned it on the night of the service.  They were awesome!

Just Pictures

Fall Pictures

“No Spring nor Summer Beauty hath such grace
As I have seen in one Autumnal face.”
–   John Donne

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