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Some things never change. . . . .

I pray that she never does.

A little CR8N

We realized this morning that Creighton has not had enough photo time recently.  So, here’s a little Creighton photo shoot.  Man… I love that guy.

Magic 3-Month Milestone

When you’re pregnant (at least when I was pregnant), there is a sudden end to morning sickness and fatigue right at the 3-month mark.

When you have an infant (at least with my infants), there is a sudden end to unexplainable fussiness.

Look at this face:

That is magic. That is all smiles and cuddles and sweet baby sounds.

I am putty in those tiny little hands.

But it’s not the first time, all three of them did it to me.

I love 3-month-olds!

The Day That Changed Everything

Five years ago today, Josh and I had no idea what we were in for.

We thought the hospital staff was collectively insane for leaving us in charge of this fragile little life.

It seemed like she would stay that tiny forever.

She turned us into parents and that changed everything.

Happy Birthday, Olivia. We love you, sweet girl!

I’m Ready!!!

I am officially ready for this child to get here. (Nevermind the fact that I have 14 weeks left!) The pregnancy has flown by so far, but the end of it can’t get here soon enough. My friend, Sandi, just had her baby, and the time I’ve spent holding Abbi has gotten all my maternal instincts revving into high gear. I have been going through our old pics and found this one of Charlotte at 4 weeks old:


Look at that little mouth and tiny fingers! I can’t wait for that again. The sweet-smelling baby breath, the tiny, furnace-like body, and even that delirious, sleep-deprived look in my eye.

I just can’t wait.

P.S. Yes, this clearly is the result of some influx of happy mommy hormones, but I don’t care to remember the “other stuff” just yet. I’m going to keep looking at this picture to get me through 😉

Classic Olivia

Here are just a few of my favorite Olivia pictures from the past 4 years.  Soon we’ll be doing this all over again.  It’s hard to believe.





That’s just sweetness.


My girls have such unique personalities, that I really don’t think that they look much alike. People usually say that Olivia looks like me and that Charlotte looks like Josh. Here are pictures of each of them on their second birthday wearing “the birthday hat”





I think that they just look like each other. Sometimes their personalities aren’t so unique either.





Olivia looks so stoked in that last one. Being a big sis is tough.

My Baby is Two!

Look at that face.


We’ll post some birthday pictures later tonight, but for now, just look at that face.

October 26th

Yesterday was a big day at the Peters’ house, Olivia turned 4 years old! Our sweet girl is getting so big. We celebrated with her friends at Weekday on Thursday, spent the day with Bebe ad Poppy yesterday, and topped it all off last night at Fall at the Farm. Here are a few pics from past October 26ths. We’ll post all the birthday pics in our photo album soon.

October 26, 2003

October 26, 2003


October 26, 2004


October 26, 2005


October 26, 2006


October 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!


Another one of my personal favorites.

Charlotte. You gotta love that kid.

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