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Fall Pictures

“No Spring nor Summer Beauty hath such grace
As I have seen in one Autumnal face.”
–   John Donne


Life is busy! So in a nutshell:

We finally took a pic of the new paint on the house.

The girls got pony rides at Fall at the Farm.

Josh ran The Big Pumpkin 5K.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. Cooked my first turkey. Auntcy and Christopher (hopefully Uncle Christopher soon, hint hint) came to visit.

Creighton got his first tooth with another coming in, but Olivia still hasn’t lost her wobbly one.

Charlotte is still a walking improv skit.

Looking forward to a slower end of the year!

Feather Chickens

Yesterday we got to the craft table at the pancake breakfast just a little too late. They sent some supplies home with us so that the girls wouldn’t miss out on the fun. ( First gold star moment for Olivia’s school next year)

This morning we finished the project.

Charlotte dubbed them Feather Chickens. That’s a whole lot more fun than turkeys.

Thanksgiving decorations: Check.

Halloween and Other Stuff

Just a few recent photos..

Orange Day

Every October they have an “Orange Day” in Waumba Land. My girls dig it.

A Double Ta-Da!

Pumpkins in the Park.

Isn’t Fall fun?


I know everyone thinks that their kid is a genius but seriously. My four year old made this by herself. I’m proud.


Side note:  It’s a butterfly

Pretty Girls




You can almost hear the hearts breaking.

‘Neath the Cover of October Skies

Last weekend was the annual Fall at the Farm event that the church where we work throws for all the staff families. I’m not much of a farm girl, feeding the horses made me a little nervous (their teeth are HUGE), but with a little BBQ, bluegrass, and a harvest moon, I was down-right country. Our girls were in heaven. Here are a few pictures:





Can’t wait until next year. Thanks North Point Ministries!


Today we painted pumpkins. This was fun… and safer than carving. Olivia took her art very seriously and, of course, Charlotte tasted the paint.



While they painted, Katie carved.