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Parenting Advice #1

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Finally after one abandoned mission, our girls are sharing a room. Olivia is sleeping on the top bunk and Charlotte on the bottom—and they stay in their beds!! The first couple of nights (and mornings) were rough. They stayed up late giggling at Charlotte’s knock – knock jokes and then Charlotte was up waaaaay before sunrise (4:45 am) ’cause it was way too exciting being in La La’s room. But last night, they were both asleep by 7:30 and didn’t wake up until 6:50 (that’s sleeping¬† late in Charlotte’s little world).


Now we just have to get the guest room/nursery back in order in time for # 3 to get here. Anyone have a trundle bed they want to get rid of?

Sundays With Dad

The Sundays when Katie works the morning shift are always interesting. We always find something to pass the time. We usually watch a lot of cartoons and then goof off the rest of the morning.


We’ve starting taking the girls swimming at an indoor pool.¬† As you can see, Olivia likes her pink goggles.



Parental Resolution

People told us that the second child will be less photographed than the first. We didn’t believe them.

Olivia has a photo album online and a real photo album that amounts to nothing less than stop-motion animation.

Charlotte has about 12 pictures of “just her” online and no real photo album (yet!)

Third children, apparently, are lucky to have anything concrete to prove that they even had a childhood.

Hopefully, we’ll break the cycle.

Here’s 12 week picture of our #3. (so what if it’s two weeks late)


The Belongings Box

Daddy has a new rule at our house.

If you leave something in the living room that doesn’t belong there, after you go to bed, it belongs to Daddy for 24 hours.

So far, it’s working. The girls were not happy to see their Disney Princess Barbies in there this morning.

And, yes, those are some of Mommy’s belongings. I have to start cleaning up too.


Fathering Girls #1

I have three brothers and no sisters. I can honestly say that girls were (and still are) a mystery to me. My brothers and me grew up riding four wheelers, fighting each other, playing sports and breaking our teeth (story for another time).  I now have two little girls.

The way they look amazes me…

The things that they want to do amazes me…

The things I have to do amazes me…

Today I made them pink macaroni & cheese and then we went on a leaf hunt. What else can I say.


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