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Big finish to a great weekend

This was a great weekend.  The weather was awesome, nothing to do but hang around the house.  Today the entire family spread 40 bails of pine straw.  (Creighton watched).  We filled the sandbox up with sand and had another run with the sprinkler.

Tonight we finished it off with a low country boil with The Greens.  Good food and good company.  Good times were had by all.

Mini Vanning

Today we gave  the Willis boys  a ride to school.   It was crazy, loud and fun.    A little too much flirting in the back seat, but hey I’m probably just a little over protective.  🙂



I got tagged again, this time by Clarissa and Erin. So here are 7 random things about me.

1. I have really long toes. My second toe is the same length as my pinkie finger, and I used to be able to write my name with my right foot. (No, I haven’t tried in a while.)

2. I love old musicals. Rodgers and Hammerstein, Disney, anything really. One of my favorites is “The Happiest Millionaire”, anyone, anyone?

3. I don’t eat blue food. Blue is a weird color to eat. It’s just not natural. (And don’t even say blueberries, they aren’t really blue, they’re purple when you smash them. It’s the white film on them that makes them look blue.)

4. Wind chimes freak me out. They are as ominous as the Halloween theme song to me.

5. We aren’t going to find out whether this child is a girl or a boy until the day it’s born. We didn’t find out the other two either. It’s worth the wait–I dare any prego to try it.

6. I can hardly wait to get a minivan. I never thought I would say that.

7. My husband just cooked scrambled eggs, bacon and buttermilk biscuits. My whole family is sitting in the living room in front of the fire eating together. Life is good.

Jenna, I tag you again 🙂

We have a friend named Richie Spears. Earlier this year Richie was diagnosed with non-hodgkin lymphoma. Unfortunately the cancer was caught too late and it was far too advanced before they began treatment.

Richie lives in Cape Hatteras in the Outer Banks of N.C. where he is a captain and commercial fisherman. He and his wife owned and ran a sushi restaurant until they had to close due to medical costs and the side effects of chemotherapy.

NC hatteras.jpg

Here is what we need to do.
We need to raise enough money to offset the cost of a bone marrow transplant and recovery. The cost of the transplant alone begins around $200.000.

As of today, a YouTube video titled “stupid cat” has been viewed 498,648 times.
I don’t even need to say anything, you know the potential. Let’s get the message out there. Put those blogging/internet addictions to good use, help us spread the word.

Here is the best part.
The doctors have already found a few potential donor matches and have accepting him into the stem cell program at Duke.

Here is the worst part.
Richie needs to begin treatment in January. After the surgery he will hospitalized for 3 months which means, he can’t work. Since Richie is self employed this poses a serious problem for him and his family.

The community in Hatteras has been trying to raise money for treatment through fundraising but has only been able to raise about $15,000.00

The ironic part is that Richie is the first person to help anyone he meets, but he is the last person to ask for help.

So now we are going to help him, are you with us?

First go to… then post on your blog. Let’s make it happen.

Kitchen Tag

We’re new to blogging, and so getting “tagged” by the the Green Family sounded pretty fun. Apparently, someone, somewhere, comes up with a topic to post about and then “tags” other readers of their blogs to make a similar post who, then, tag somebody else.

We got tagged with “8 Random Things About Kitchens”

Here it goes:

1. Kitchens are my second favorite rooms in houses. Second to libraries. We don’t have a library, or much of a kitchen, really.

2. The walls in my little kitchen are “Terra Cotta”

3. We don’t have a microwave in our kitchen–or anywhere else in the house. We haven’t for several months now, and don’t miss it all that much. Ovens can reheat things too. Weird.

4. Right now, Josh is tidying up the kitchen while I type.

5. My favorite thing about my kitchen is all of my cookbooks. I have some really cool ones, but I mostly use recipes given to me by friends and family.

6. My favorite kitchen memory is sitting on the high step stool at my grandmother’s house and making Christmas cookies while drinking hot tea with cream and sugar.

7. My dream kitchen has a nook with a fireplace and bookcases full of cookbooks and Gourmet magazines, that a maid keeps clean for me. 🙂

8. My favorite thing about about this post about kitchens is that I got to push the picture of that oddly macabre blond chick a little further down the page:)

Hey! Atlanta Lovings and Bura Ellen, you’re tagged.

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

The past couple of weeks in our world have been full with the delivery of new friends for Olivia and Charlotte. There is nothing as exciting as the birth of a baby and we’re having a blast watching all these “first-timers” with their new lives. We also can’t deny that it puts crazy ideas of a #3 in our heads too. (But not that crazy)

So here’s a little introduction:

Isabella Grace Perez was born on September 13th.

Joseph “Bray” Holcomb was born on September 24th.

Coltan Mattern Blossom was born on September 27th.

Bella Reese Green was born on October 11th.–She is already slated to be a member in the girlie rock band that we are dreaming up for our girls 🙂

Congratulations friends and welcome to the world little ones!