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Meet Lincoln

Guess we have a little catching up to do…..

The Glorious Reappearing

Last week we had a tragic loss.

Bun-Buns was lost, and despite our best efforts, he was nowhere to be found.

Charlotte was devastated. Drama ensued.

But, her Daddy, her Knight-In-Shining-Armor, despite it being a discontinued item, and braving a price that can only be described as extortion, found an exact match on Ebay.

Aren’t reunions (kind of) beautiful?

Yes, Charlotte began sucking her tongue immediately, and hopefully she’ll (we’ll) all sleep well tonight!


A New Phase

There have been a lot of changes aound the Peters’ house this past month.

While July 30 was Creighton’s first birthday, it was also my last day at work. So while we were celebrating and watching him do this:

We were also wondering what life would look like when we got home.

And for the most part, last week, life looked like this:

All my little duckies in a row (well at least for that millisecond in time) We had a pretty good week and we’re going to get even better because I bought this:

So far, it’s not working, but I bet I have to read it for that to happen.

On top of that, I did this:

My first 5K, and to my knowledge, no one needs iceskates in “you-know-where.”

And then, the biggest “and then”, is that Olivia starts Kindergarten in the morning. We met her teacher on Friday. I love her already, she’s all cuddles and sweetness.

Life looks different, that is for sure, but it’s going to be great.

But first, I think we’re going to have to get this other darn tooth out.

It’s about to get interesting, folks.

And now, I might just have time to update this old blog.

Happy Half-Birthday, Baby Boy!

Creighton is 6 months old today!

Time is a flyin’

Slow Down!

Lala has a loose tooth!

What’s next? Dating?

Frisbee Golf With Dad

Three things first :

1. I used to play under par in college (I had free time) and Olivia has great form.

2. Charlotte has the most amazing victory dance.

3. Notice the patch of red paint. That will soon be the color of our house… along with white trim.

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We’re all home!

We intended to make the announcement as soon as we got home, but there has just been too much baby lovin’ going on. We were discharged yesterday around lunchtime and have been holding Creighton ever since.

The girls are thrilled and I think they may be a little overprotective. Just try getting baby “Creighty” out of her arms:



We’ll upload more pictures soon. Thanks for all of the support we received while we were in NICU.

Look Ma, no tubes!

The NICU people finally took Creighton off preemie protocol (duh) and are letting him feed on demand. No more feeding tube for our little man cub.


If he does well with his next 6-8 feedings, he’ll come home (we’ve already had two successful ones)

Woo Hoo!

Video Update 4 – Hanging with my little guy in NICU .

I’m hanging out in NICU today. Katie is at home trying to get some rest so I decided to stay for the afternoon. He has to be off the feeding tube for at least 24 hours before he can leave. I tried feeding him a bottle at 11:30 and he did okay but he still needed the tube to finish up. I’m trying again at 2:00. We’ll see how it goes.

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Silver Lining of the Day

My child has been at the absolute bottom of the priority list today. It’s been a little frustrating for us because we had to wait for the doctor to get any “official” news. But, the thing is, if there were ever a place that you would want your child to be a low priority it would be in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The baby that I think looks pitiful with a tiny tube in his mouth looks like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast compared to the vast majority of children on his hall. I am glad to let them have the doctor’s and nurse’s attention first.

Thank God for perspective.

Here’s the news:

Creighton is going to get to try and take a feeding by mouth tonight instead of by gavage (feeding tube). He has been chewing on his fist all day, but the nurse had to wait for the doctor’s orders to let me try and feed him. Our first attempt will be at 8 p.m., but even if he is still too congested to eat by mouth, he’ll still get all the milk I’ve been pumping all day. So that’s a very good thing.

Here’s the rub:

The earliest that Creighton is going to be going home will be tomorrow night. I, however, have got to be out of my room tonight. So we have to go home without him. Boo. Hopefully it will just be one night at home without him.

We’ll come back and hang with him tomorrow and try and get him all fixed up and ready to go.

Here’s a picture of Josh and Creighton in his NICU room. It’s just a tiny little tube.


P.S. Sorry if you have tried to call me. My cell phone charger has disappeared and my battery died yesterday. But most of y’all know I’m terrible at returning phone calls anyway 🙂

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