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Creighton Update

It’s been a rough day. Creighton’s nasal passages are swollen so badly that they took him down to NICU for the night. He has had a hard time eating today because he can’t breathe through his nose. We were pretty scared when they took him until we went down and saw him beside all of the other really sick babies and we remembered that he is in one of the best NICUs in the country. He is definitely in the right place. He is just being monitored for now and is breathing fine (albeit labored) on his own. They will release him when he is able to eat from bottle or nurse on his own. We appreciate everyone’s prayers for quick recovery and we’ll update everyone as soon as we hear something.

Here’s a sweet picture from this afternoon when Creighton was having some Mommy time. He’s a great cuddle.


Another Pic

Here’s a still from some video that is soon to come. Look at my little guy. 🙂


It’s A Boy

Creighton Allen Peters

Born : July, 30th 2008 at 3:22pm

7lbs 12ounces

21.5 Inches Long





The baby will be here tomorrow!!! Woo Hoo!   At my appointment, the doctor told me that she was no longer comfortable with me walking around at such an advanced stage of dilation during my third pregnancy. Soooo, they are inducing me tomorrow. Basically, they’ll start calling those of us being scheduled tomorrow somewhere around 5:30 -6:00 a.m. and we’ll just get in the car and go get us a baby.

Stay tuned.

Seen better days

So, the Doc came in this morning and said that the nurse from last night was wrong. I am not 4 cm, I am somewhere between 2-3 cm. She asked the nurse to stop the Pitocin that had already been flowing for half an hour.

Now I am home. Waiting. Again.

Take that doctor.

Katie loves a challenge. It happens with every kid. We are here and at 4cm.


The Peters Kids 2.0

Today I finally spent our Christmas cash on a (much needed) new digital camera. So, expect more pictures and video soon.


This camera Rocks! The entire back of the camera is a touch display and it does full quality mpeg1 video. It supports up to an 8gb memory card.

You can tell Olivia is excited…


Good News!

Yesterday I went to my 20-week appointment for the “big” ultrasound. My iPhoto program isn’t working right now, or I’d post a picture, but the good news is that the placenta has moved and I am no longer considered at-risk for placenta previa. Woo-hoo.

We took Olivia with us because we thought that she would enjoy being a big girl and getting to see the baby kick around. Well, not so much. The blue gel they put on you when you get an ultrasound was waaaaay more interesting. I’m not sure that she even looked at the screen. Oh well. At least we tried to to make a moment of it.

And, NO, we did not find out what we are having. It’s not even on our chart and the Doc said that she didn’t even know what the tech saw. There’s no turning back now.

I’ll get a picture up soon.

Thanks for the prayers.

Quite Contrary


You guys have no idea how quickly all of your posts revealed my super stubborn side. Tee Hee! We are now committed, more than ever, to leaving the gender of this baby unknown until it’s birthday. I’m going to ask the ultrasound tech to say “she” this time, just to even the score. All of you finder-outers, just don’t know what you are missing. Guess we’ll all just have to wait until August. I love suspense!!!

17 Week Ultrasound

This morning I got to see #3 again. I had to explain to the ultrasound tech that I Did Not want to know what gender this child was. Nevertheless, as she was trying to get a clear screen shot, she said “Wow, HE’S an active one”, and then, “I just need HIM to flip over so I can see HIS spine.” What!?!?! I know that the masculine pronoun is often used as the gender neutral, but What The Heck?!!?? Is it a boy? Was she just toying with my emotions? This slip-up may cause us to reconsider how much information we request at our 20-Week ultrasound.

Anywho, here’s the pic:


Oh yeah, and they said that my placenta is completely covering my cervix, a condition called placenta previa. There is still a high chance that it will move, but if it doesn’t move completely away, I could wind up on bedrest, and most certainly have a C-section delivery. I don’t want that. We could use some prayer in that department.

But, more importantly, what do you think? Boy or Girl? Find out or not find out?

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