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We have a friend named Richie Spears. Earlier this year Richie was diagnosed with non-hodgkin lymphoma. Unfortunately the cancer was caught too late and it was far too advanced before they began treatment.

Richie lives in Cape Hatteras in the Outer Banks of N.C. where he is a captain and commercial fisherman. He and his wife owned and ran a sushi restaurant until they had to close due to medical costs and the side effects of chemotherapy.

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Here is what we need to do.
We need to raise enough money to offset the cost of a bone marrow transplant and recovery. The cost of the transplant alone begins around $200.000.

As of today, a YouTube video titled “stupid cat” has been viewed 498,648 times.
I don’t even need to say anything, you know the potential. Let’s get the message out there. Put those blogging/internet addictions to good use, help us spread the word.

Here is the best part.
The doctors have already found a few potential donor matches and have accepting him into the stem cell program at Duke.

Here is the worst part.
Richie needs to begin treatment in January. After the surgery he will hospitalized for 3 months which means, he can’t work. Since Richie is self employed this poses a serious problem for him and his family.

The community in Hatteras has been trying to raise money for treatment through fundraising but has only been able to raise about $15,000.00

The ironic part is that Richie is the first person to help anyone he meets, but he is the last person to ask for help.

So now we are going to help him, are you with us?

First go to… then post on your blog. Let’s make it happen.

Our Trip To Spain

Check out this video from our mission trip to Spain this past June. The video includes video and pictures from our trip to Villanova and Sevilla as well as the second groups trip to Villanova a few weeks later.

I know… I know… it looks like a we went site seeing the whole time but really it was just a day and half out of the 10 days we were gone. 🙂

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