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Waiting. . . .

We are pretty consumed by our circumstances right now, so we haven’t thought much of blogging.

We are planning on moving to Raleigh as soon as this house sells (or burns down, whatever).

Josh is still working at the church (until the 15th) by day and burning the midnight oil with all of his contract work.

I’m staying one step behind the kids to keep the house “ready to show” and researching the schools in Wake County to see where we want to live. (which changes everyday as do the school districts, apparently)

In the meantime, here’s what we’ve been up to:

Fun in the snow at Mimi’s house.

Charlotte turned. . .

Got some presents.

Olivia was slightly less than amused.

Banana Splits for the Birthday breakfast.


Had a party with our friends.

Creighton reached cake Nirvana.

And then, Olivia’s school had a Family Dance.

We were instructed not to dance.

(I tried anyway)

Group hug with the besties.

Horsing around with Dad.

and an inflatable sea serpent.

Successful first quarter at Peters Inc.

I’ll post all of the Easter pics soon. Off to enjoy all the yellow-coated goodness outside in the sun.

Just Pictures

A Spoon and a Ball

Boys are Easier Example #56

This entertained him all morning.

Isn’t he great?

Here We Go!

Olivia is officially a Kindergartener!

It was a great morning. No tears, not even mine.

It’s gonna be fun!

A New Phase

There have been a lot of changes aound the Peters’ house this past month.

While July 30 was Creighton’s first birthday, it was also my last day at work. So while we were celebrating and watching him do this:

We were also wondering what life would look like when we got home.

And for the most part, last week, life looked like this:

All my little duckies in a row (well at least for that millisecond in time) We had a pretty good week and we’re going to get even better because I bought this:

So far, it’s not working, but I bet I have to read it for that to happen.

On top of that, I did this:

My first 5K, and to my knowledge, no one needs iceskates in “you-know-where.”

And then, the biggest “and then”, is that Olivia starts Kindergarten in the morning. We met her teacher on Friday. I love her already, she’s all cuddles and sweetness.

Life looks different, that is for sure, but it’s going to be great.

But first, I think we’re going to have to get this other darn tooth out.

It’s about to get interesting, folks.

And now, I might just have time to update this old blog.

What I came home to…

Olivia: Dad I lost my tooth today.

Me: Really.. that’s great.  How did it happen.

Olivia: I pulled it out.

Me: Really??

Olivia: Yeah…Mom, tried to tie a string around it and pull it but it didn’t work.  So, I just twisted it around,  wiggled it, then twisted it, then wiggled it, the twisted it and it came out.

Me: eeehhh. Did that hurt.

Olivia: No.

…and only 4 days to Kindergarten.

Big finish to a great weekend

This was a great weekend.  The weather was awesome, nothing to do but hang around the house.  Today the entire family spread 40 bails of pine straw.  (Creighton watched).  We filled the sandbox up with sand and had another run with the sprinkler.

Tonight we finished it off with a low country boil with The Greens.  Good food and good company.  Good times were had by all.

Disney Bound…

This Thursday we will celebrate Charlotte’s 3rd birthday at Disney World.  This is a tradition that comes from Katie’s side of the family, and I love.  Olivia went on her third birthday and Creighton will too!

Charlotte’s been practicing her dramatic pose… I think she’s ready for the Magic Kingdom.

Katie’s 30th

For Katie’s 30th birthday last week we went to the GA Aquarium and then decorated a sweet cake with the girls.  This was our first trip to the aquarium… the kids had a blast.

Happy 30th babe.


Life is busy! So in a nutshell:

We finally took a pic of the new paint on the house.

The girls got pony rides at Fall at the Farm.

Josh ran The Big Pumpkin 5K.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. Cooked my first turkey. Auntcy and Christopher (hopefully Uncle Christopher soon, hint hint) came to visit.

Creighton got his first tooth with another coming in, but Olivia still hasn’t lost her wobbly one.

Charlotte is still a walking improv skit.

Looking forward to a slower end of the year!

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