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Halloween and Other Stuff

Just a few recent photos..

Caption Please

To steal a trick from the Ragamuffin Blogging Handbook… caption please…

No Time.

Welp, it’s true.

The third child gets no pictures.

Here’s one of the four pictures that we’ve taken of him in the past several weeks. Who’s got time for pictures ??!???!

That is his “My-Mom-Is-Nuts” face. But he loves me the best anyway ; )

If you run into him somewhere, take his picture. He’s gonna need all the help he can get in this department.

Quit Your Whining!

That’s actually for me, not my kids.

I had plans to blog about my overwhelming week last week. I took pictures of the 84,000 items we have to load up every morning, and I was going to whine.

But then I thought about it.  I have way more reasons to be grateful than I do to complain.

• I have three beautiful, healthy children.
• The third one is a boy (A BOY!).
• I have a hot hubby that does more than his share around the house and even takes a late night feeding.
• I have an awesome job, and an awesome boss.
• I take the hot hubby and beautiful kids to work with me.
• We have the most amazing support system of friends and family.
• We have a roof over our head and three meals a day.
• This list could actually go on forever.
**Considering myself scolded.**
Here’s a picture to make this post pretty 🙂

Saturday Morning Photo Shoot

Click to enlarge.

It’s Starting

Just as the world turns it’s gaze away from Beijing and towards home, the next athletic star is rising.

It’s official, I’m a soccer mom. Tonight is her first practice. If she plays the part as well as she dresses the part, we’ve got a champ on our hands : )

Seven Years


Seven years ago today, Josh and I tied the knot. It’s been a busy seven years and a wonderful seven years. We’ve moved 6 times, had 7 different jobs between the two of us, become parents of (nearly) 3 children, bought our first house and started driving a minivan.

It is safe to say that we have been domesticated.

Thanks for making me a happily married woman, babe.

I love you.

I get one more of these

I’m lucky.  Six weeks and counting.


At Mimi’s House

The girls are having a great time hanging out at Mimi’s house between all of the wedding festivities. Now we’ve just got to figure out how to get both of them to take long naps so they (and we) can enjoy the actual wedding tonight.




The weekend at a glance

This was a good weekend. Take a look…

The girls start by browsing their favorite new site. Yo Gabba Gabba


Then I remember that we have an inflatable pool and of course the girls are game.


Olivia is relentless with the water hose.




Charlotte gets cold.


The girls help Katie make some down home cookin.




Katie makes the best country style meal I think I have ever had in my life anywhere.





Ice cream for dessert.


Olivia plots.




We head to the Go Girl festival in Marietta Square.


The girls try to hula hoop.



It was fun.



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