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Some things never change. . . . .

I pray that she never does.

The Dancin’ Unicorn

Katie is sick. So… I find whatever I can to entertain these little crazies.  This is just a sample.  They made this up on the fly.  Bravo girls.

A Spoon and a Ball

Boys are Easier Example #56

This entertained him all morning.

Isn’t he great?


Charlotte’s dramatic re-telling of the Cinderella story… through song.  Enjoy!

Charlotte V.S. The Lemon

Charlotte begged me to let her try a lemon for the first time. This is what happened…

The Glorious Reappearing

Last week we had a tragic loss.

Bun-Buns was lost, and despite our best efforts, he was nowhere to be found.

Charlotte was devastated. Drama ensued.

But, her Daddy, her Knight-In-Shining-Armor, despite it being a discontinued item, and braving a price that can only be described as extortion, found an exact match on Ebay.

Aren’t reunions (kind of) beautiful?

Yes, Charlotte began sucking her tongue immediately, and hopefully she’ll (we’ll) all sleep well tonight!


Time is Flying.

We have more to blog about than ever before but, because of that, we have less time to blog than ever before. Go figure.

Josh went to Spain. I’m only a little bitter.


Creighton got moved up to the big tub. Bath time is a whole new adventure.


He also started to crawl. . .

and stand up (excuse the baby barricade). . .

he has five teeth now . . .

and got a visit from his Mimi.


And oh, my Charlotte. She is going to be a star.

A dramatic finale, n’est-ce pas?


As for my oldest child, we just got her registered for Kindergarten. Kindergarten!

She looks so old in this picture.

That’s all for now.



Olivia walks into the bed room the other morning and say…”dad look, I gave Charlotte tattoos.”

Yeah, that’s a unicorn on one arm and a dog on the other.  That’s hardcore.

Quote of the Day

Katie: What does a pig say?

Charlotte: Oink, oink.

Katie: What does a doggie say?

Charlotte: Ruff, ruff.

Katie: What does a kitty cat say?

Charlotte: Meow, meow.

Katie: What does a bear say?

Charlotte: Somebody’s been eating my porridge.

: )

Frisbee Golf With Dad

Three things first :

1. I used to play under par in college (I had free time) and Olivia has great form.

2. Charlotte has the most amazing victory dance.

3. Notice the patch of red paint. That will soon be the color of our house… along with white trim.

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