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Waiting. . . .

We are pretty consumed by our circumstances right now, so we haven’t thought much of blogging.

We are planning on moving to Raleigh as soon as this house sells (or burns down, whatever).

Josh is still working at the church (until the 15th) by day and burning the midnight oil with all of his contract work.

I’m staying one step behind the kids to keep the house “ready to show” and researching the schools in Wake County to see where we want to live. (which changes everyday as do the school districts, apparently)

In the meantime, here’s what we’ve been up to:

Fun in the snow at Mimi’s house.

Charlotte turned. . .

Got some presents.

Olivia was slightly less than amused.

Banana Splits for the Birthday breakfast.


Had a party with our friends.

Creighton reached cake Nirvana.

And then, Olivia’s school had a Family Dance.

We were instructed not to dance.

(I tried anyway)

Group hug with the besties.

Horsing around with Dad.

and an inflatable sea serpent.

Successful first quarter at Peters Inc.

I’ll post all of the Easter pics soon. Off to enjoy all the yellow-coated goodness outside in the sun.

Just Pictures

Big Boy

Creighton is getting so big. He is walking everywhere, and the “snakes and snails and puppy dog tails” in him are spilling out all over the place.

Just look at him:

He’s gonna be a Lady Killer.

At Home

Life at home has gotten pretty good, pretty quick.

I feel like I’ve got my house under control (relatively speaking, of course–I am still me) and the kids are used to having a one-woman-audience and only one room of toys.

I am looking forward to all of the “Ups” that come along with being at home with kids and I feel prepared for all of the “Downs”.

The days are long, but the years are short!

I’m grateful for this opportunity.

Thanks for working so hard for us, Josh!

What I came home to…

Olivia: Dad I lost my tooth today.

Me: Really.. that’s great.  How did it happen.

Olivia: I pulled it out.

Me: Really??

Olivia: Yeah…Mom, tried to tie a string around it and pull it but it didn’t work.  So, I just twisted it around,  wiggled it, then twisted it, then wiggled it, the twisted it and it came out.

Me: eeehhh. Did that hurt.

Olivia: No.

…and only 4 days to Kindergarten.

Happy Birthday, Man Cub.

It’s been a year.

It’s been the best one so far.

The world is better place with you in it, Creighton.

We love you!


Enough said.  Just look at these three.

Sick Day

Cartoon therapy always seems to help.  Good luck today Katie… feel better Cre. 🙂

Time is Flying.

We have more to blog about than ever before but, because of that, we have less time to blog than ever before. Go figure.

Josh went to Spain. I’m only a little bitter.


Creighton got moved up to the big tub. Bath time is a whole new adventure.


He also started to crawl. . .

and stand up (excuse the baby barricade). . .

he has five teeth now . . .

and got a visit from his Mimi.


And oh, my Charlotte. She is going to be a star.

A dramatic finale, n’est-ce pas?


As for my oldest child, we just got her registered for Kindergarten. Kindergarten!

She looks so old in this picture.

That’s all for now.


Coming Soon…

Disney pics are on the way but in the meantime, here’s a cute pic..

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