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The doctor just told me that they won’t induce until the 5th of August.

That was not what I wanted to hear.

Eviction Notice


Although the baby could show up at anytime now, there is an official end to the insanity in view. This morning the Doc told me that an induction would be scheduled for Wednesday, July 30. Both of the girls showed up before their inductions happened, so we’re hoping for the same thing this time. There just has to be a plan in place for them to rebel against it. Apples don’t fall that far from this tree 🙂

16 Days.

I can live through 16 more days.

That darn ticker!!!


I don’t know about you, but I keep staring at that stupid ticker on this page and wonder why it is moving sooooo slowly. The Dr. said I wouldn’t make it to August, which means that I have 38 days left at most, but I can’t figure out how to change that darn ticker up there. It says that I have 45 days left, and that is not okay. That is 7 days that I will not be able to bear, y’all. Fix it Josh.

Anyway, that’s what’s pretty much consuming my world right now. (That and the fact that it’s time to start Christmas design planning at work.)

So here’s what my nearly 34 week baby bump looks like, measuring right at 34 weeks.


If that’s not a Willy Wonka Christmas candy experiment gone wrong, I don’t know what is .

Happy Monday.

Potty Princess

Potty training makes me crazy. It makes me even crazier that she wants to wear this dress while doing it and prefers to be called “Giselle” instead of Charlotte (from the movie Enchanted).

But look how cute she is:


How can I get mad at that sweet little thing?

And, for the record, we are kicking some serious potty training behind today.

I hope I didn’t just jinx it.

One morning with my girls……

This is what happens when my girls are given free reign of the house for one morning.



Guess I know what I’m doing during naptime.

The weekend at a glance

This was a good weekend. Take a look…

The girls start by browsing their favorite new site. Yo Gabba Gabba


Then I remember that we have an inflatable pool and of course the girls are game.


Olivia is relentless with the water hose.




Charlotte gets cold.


The girls help Katie make some down home cookin.




Katie makes the best country style meal I think I have ever had in my life anywhere.





Ice cream for dessert.


Olivia plots.




We head to the Go Girl festival in Marietta Square.


The girls try to hula hoop.



It was fun.



Mini Vanning

Today we gave  the Willis boys  a ride to school.   It was crazy, loud and fun.    A little too much flirting in the back seat, but hey I’m probably just a little over protective.  🙂


Fairly odd…but cute

My children love wearing goggles. Not swimming, just wearing goggles. It’s just a little weird, but of course I love them anyway. Charlotte wore them all the way home.


Homemade Ice Cream

Yesterday Katie made a batch of homemade strawberry ice cream.  The best part was obviously the clean up.  It’s fun to be a kid.


Sibling Love

While Charlotte took her nap this afternoon, Olivia and I hung out on the couch. My baby bump happens to make an excellent pillow. The baby decided to investigate and started kicking Olivia’s cheek. This went on for about 10 minutes.

Olivia is a fan of # 3. . . for now.


We missed out on most of the sibling rivalry when Charlotte came along. Olivia was just too busy to care, but I don’t think we’re going to be so lucky this time. Most of our battles are over Mommy’s lap. Any advice from you parenting experts out there?

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