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First off the new camera.

So tonight we decided to have a picnic in the backyard. It was fun…. and I got to try out the new camera. Here are a few of the pics.










See the whole album of original photos….here.

Black-eyed Charlotte

Just in case anyone needed anymore proof that Charlotte is the reigning rough-and-tumble kid in our house, here you go:


It’s kind of hard to see ’cause it’s hard to get her to be still, but that is one serious shiner. I was calling her black-eyed Susan, but she would say, “Noooooooo Mommy, I Charlotte”, so black-eyed Charlotte it is.

She makes an awful cute bruiser, doesn’t she?

Today I was ambitious…

and decided to REORGANIZE our playroom. Really it was more like a closet. Most nights I walk around the house and put things in the “belongings box” then DUMP it in that room or just open the door long enough to throw our junk in… and then quickly shut it. I should have taken before pictures but I’m was too ashamed. 🙂 Anyway, take a look.

This morning there were two dressers and a bunch of junk right there. Now… dunt da duuuhh! An Art Station.


Olivia and I put a skirt around the stage and hung all the instruments. This was previously a place for junk toys to die. (If you didn’t know… yes, we have a stage in our playroom)


They had to try it out.





I know this isn’t that impressive, but considering where we started it’s a miracle.

16 Week Bump

We’ve been posting a lot of pictures of our crazy kids and showing off their little personalities lately. They get a little sweeter and little kookier every day. Number 3 isn’t much different. Everyday, this little one makes his/her presence known a little bit too. I have been feeling baby movement for several weeks, but now they are bonafied kicks. We are 24 weeks (or less, hopefully) away from another little personality in our family. We’ve been very blessed by quick conceptions (ha!), easy pregnancies and healthy babies. So blessed, that we’re already knocking around the idea of a fourth. Why not, right?

Here’s our 16 week baby bump:


Cute, huh?

Sundays With Dad

The Sundays when Katie works the morning shift are always interesting. We always find something to pass the time. We usually watch a lot of cartoons and then goof off the rest of the morning.


We’ve starting taking the girls swimming at an indoor pool.  As you can see, Olivia likes her pink goggles.



My pregnant wife…

woke up yesterday and said…”I’m going to cook breakfast.” I had no idea what was coming. Pregnancy is my friend. 🙂

What’s your favorite breakfast?


Riders on the Storm

There are tornadoes heading toward us today and so we are “riding out the storm” in our own little makeshift shelter. It’s only 9:15 am. It’s gonna be a long day.




Yes, Olivia is wearing a tiara. A girl has got to be prepared.

And for all of you asking to see pregnant belly pics, I’ll get to it. The stars have to align before I pull my shirt up in front of a camera or at least a few shots of tequila (I’m kidding, Dad)

Happy Wednesday!


I got tagged again, this time by Clarissa and Erin. So here are 7 random things about me.

1. I have really long toes. My second toe is the same length as my pinkie finger, and I used to be able to write my name with my right foot. (No, I haven’t tried in a while.)

2. I love old musicals. Rodgers and Hammerstein, Disney, anything really. One of my favorites is “The Happiest Millionaire”, anyone, anyone?

3. I don’t eat blue food. Blue is a weird color to eat. It’s just not natural. (And don’t even say blueberries, they aren’t really blue, they’re purple when you smash them. It’s the white film on them that makes them look blue.)

4. Wind chimes freak me out. They are as ominous as the Halloween theme song to me.

5. We aren’t going to find out whether this child is a girl or a boy until the day it’s born. We didn’t find out the other two either. It’s worth the wait–I dare any prego to try it.

6. I can hardly wait to get a minivan. I never thought I would say that.

7. My husband just cooked scrambled eggs, bacon and buttermilk biscuits. My whole family is sitting in the living room in front of the fire eating together. Life is good.

Jenna, I tag you again 🙂

Snow Photos

I just uploaded a bunch of new pics of the girls in the snow. We did make a snowman… it took almost all the snow in our yard, but we did it.

Girls with snowman1

See the whole gallery….

After Christmas

The girls got Bella Dancerella from Santa and then two authentic tu-tus from my aunt and uncle. Watch the progression.







wow! It was bound to happen.

new stuff + siblings = tantrum


After she rolled around on the floor for a minute she got over it.


I love having girls. They are too fun!

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