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The Belongings Box

Daddy has a new rule at our house.

If you leave something in the living room that doesn’t belong there, after you go to bed, it belongs to Daddy for 24 hours.

So far, it’s working. The girls were not happy to see their Disney Princess Barbies in there this morning.

And, yes, those are some of Mommy’s belongings. I have to start cleaning up too.


Hand-Me-Downs Rock!

About twice a year we get boxes of little girls clothes from the Mayo family in NC. This is just the stuff that we are going to keep!


Thanks Mayos!

New Hairdos

Today the girls both got a hair cut, the first salon cut for either one of them. Olivia took some coaxing to participate, but, of course, Charlotte hopped right up into the chair. Olivia just had a little trim but Charlotte’s trim turned into a chop. It’s cute, but Mommy loves long hair on little girls. It will grow, right?






A good weekend

We had a pretty good weekend. I know all weekends are supposed to be good, but we usually cram them full of errands and projects and housekeeping. But not this weekend. We played this weekend. We went to the park and we played in our backyard in the nearly perfect weather. And boy, did those kids sleep 🙂



The Wonder Years

Twenty-two years ago, give or take a few weeks, I was the new kid on the block and I was on a mission to find a best friend. When I learned that there was a girl almost exactly my age, whose house I could see if I climbed my fence and looked through my neighbor’s back yard, I marched over unannounced and introduced myself.

I met the girl I would call my greatest childhood friend. We lost touch when I moved out-of-state the summer after the fifth grade.

Two days ago, I learned that there was a new kid in my “neighborhood”. So I drove over, unannounced, and reintroduced myself to Julie (Montgomery) Letaw. We introduced our kids and talked for a couple of hours and plan to get together again really soon. Seventeen years suddenly disappeared.

I think I just met a great adulthood friend.

A testament to my homemaking skills.

This morning, Olivia walked into our bedroom and was shocked to see a foreign object beside my bed. She is nearly four years old and she didn’t know what to call this……..


Needless to say, the Peters family is accustomed to wrinkled clothing.

Living in the burbs

Almost 1 year ago we moved from the city to the suburbs. The first night that we spent in our new house was so quiet it was scary. No traffic, no sirens, no partying neighbors…I could barely sleep. One thing that we have noticed is the amount of wildlife we see in our yard. You just don’t see turtles crawling under your car in Buckhead.

My favorite part about this picture is the non-matching flip flops that Olivia picked out by herself. One pink…One blue…STYLISH!



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