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We know that you all have opinion on this one.

We’re stumped. Josh and I have our favorites, but our favorites are not the same. (Ha!)

We haven’t settled on a boy or a girl name, and I just can’t do another baby name search on Google.

So here’s your chance to weigh in on the name of Baby # 3.

Let’s hear ’em.

17 Week Ultrasound

This morning I got to see #3 again. I had to explain to the ultrasound tech that I Did Not want to know what gender this child was. Nevertheless, as she was trying to get a clear screen shot, she said “Wow, HE’S an active one”, and then, “I just need HIM to flip over so I can see HIS spine.” What!?!?! I know that the masculine pronoun is often used as the gender neutral, but What The Heck?!!?? Is it a boy? Was she just toying with my emotions? This slip-up may cause us to reconsider how much information we request at our 20-Week ultrasound.

Anywho, here’s the pic:


Oh yeah, and they said that my placenta is completely covering my cervix, a condition called placenta previa. There is still a high chance that it will move, but if it doesn’t move completely away, I could wind up on bedrest, and most certainly have a C-section delivery. I don’t want that. We could use some prayer in that department.

But, more importantly, what do you think? Boy or Girl? Find out or not find out?

Always with the Questions #2

So today on the way home from work and Olivia asks…

Olivia: How do you spell jump?

Mom: Juuu uuuu mmmm ppppp…. J-U-M-P.. jump.

Olivia: How do you spell bus?

Mom: B-U-S… bus

Olivia: How do you spell puke?

Always with the Questions #1

Olivia(my oldest) is almost four and is really into asking questions right now. Here is a snapshot of one of our conversations two nights ago….

Olivia – Dad why aren’t you going to sleep in mmmyyyy bed.

Me – Because I sleep with mommy in our bed in our room.

– But why do you sleep in the bed with herrrr…

Me – Because we are married.

Olivia – Wwwhhhhyyyy.

Me – Ummm… because….I love her…

Olivia – But…(now she is thinking)… How will I have a baby?

Me – Yeah, let’s talk about that tomorrow.