Free Storage!!

Many of you know that this pregnancy caught us a little of guard. “How off guard”, you ask? We found out that Baby #3 was on the way almost two months to the day from when we donated that vast majority of our baby goods to My Sister’s House.

That’s right, we gave it all away. The travel system, the high chair, the bouncy seat, etc. You name it; we gave it away. We just looked around our little house that has major storage problems, and figured that it would be years before we had another baby in our house (if ever again), so we thought someone else could use it more than us.

I think that makes us the official fourth verse to Alanis Morrisette’s “Isn’t it Ironic”.

So here’s the deal, it would be silly for us to go out and buy all new stuff, and I’m not having a traditional baby shower, so we are going to offer to “store” your baby stuff for you 🙂

Erin has offered to loan us an infant car seat and a bassinet (thanks!), but here’s what we’re lacking:


High Chair


Bouncy Seat

Swing (we actually didn’t donate this, it just died)

Just think of all of the storage space you can free up in your house! We’ll be glad to “store” any other baby stuff collecting dust at your house too.


Blast from the past.

Let’s settle it once and for all. Which one of our kids looks the most like me… and most like Katie.

This was from our rehearsal dinner. Take a look and try not to make fun of me for my middle school pictures. 🙂

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A Blue Day

I go back and forth between whether I think that this is a boy baby or a girl baby. I’ve decided that, at this point, it’s a Win-Win situation. I don’t have a boy yet so that would be really cool, but there is also something special about having three-of-a-kind. We’ll be thrilled at either outcome, but….today is a Blue Day.

Today I want a little boy. Mainly because of something I read over at my friend Heather’s blog:

“When you have a boy, you have to worry about one boy on the planet. When you have a girl, you have to worry about every boy on the planet.”


The weekend at a glance

This was a good weekend. Take a look…

The girls start by browsing their favorite new site. Yo Gabba Gabba


Then I remember that we have an inflatable pool and of course the girls are game.


Olivia is relentless with the water hose.




Charlotte gets cold.


The girls help Katie make some down home cookin.




Katie makes the best country style meal I think I have ever had in my life anywhere.





Ice cream for dessert.


Olivia plots.




We head to the Go Girl festival in Marietta Square.


The girls try to hula hoop.



It was fun.



Mini Vanning

Today we gave  the Willis boys  a ride to school.   It was crazy, loud and fun.    A little too much flirting in the back seat, but hey I’m probably just a little over protective.  🙂


Fairly odd…but cute

My children love wearing goggles. Not swimming, just wearing goggles. It’s just a little weird, but of course I love them anyway. Charlotte wore them all the way home.


I’m Ready!!!

I am officially ready for this child to get here. (Nevermind the fact that I have 14 weeks left!) The pregnancy has flown by so far, but the end of it can’t get here soon enough. My friend, Sandi, just had her baby, and the time I’ve spent holding Abbi has gotten all my maternal instincts revving into high gear. I have been going through our old pics and found this one of Charlotte at 4 weeks old:


Look at that little mouth and tiny fingers! I can’t wait for that again. The sweet-smelling baby breath, the tiny, furnace-like body, and even that delirious, sleep-deprived look in my eye.

I just can’t wait.

P.S. Yes, this clearly is the result of some influx of happy mommy hormones, but I don’t care to remember the “other stuff” just yet. I’m going to keep looking at this picture to get me through 😉

Zoo Trip

We’ve been a little slack lately, so please bear with the retroactive posts. I’m a little slow moving for the time being 🙂

A couple of weekends ago we enjoyed a little good weather at the zoo. We fought some unbelievable school field trip crowds and still managed to see all the animals.

The girls were far more interested in the Jell-O and the train ride.





It was a great day. Can’t wait to go back!

Okay Chris…

I’ve been busy geez… here’s your post.  So last week I was in a wedding in North Carolina. It just so happened that they had a full band at the reception… and it just so happened that all of the members of my old band were in attendance (and our manager who negotiated the terms of our impromptu performance).

Side note: our drummer was getting married AND it had been three years since we played together.

Here is quick highlight of us doing one of our original songs… it was fun. Just like old times, except without all of the practicing, sound checking and late nights.

In case you were wondering. That is apple juice that Chance, our singer, is drinking. 😉

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Tummy Talk

Charlotte has started talking to the baby through Katie’s stomach.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the baby can’t understand what she’s saying.  🙂   This one is short but cute.

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