Homemade Ice Cream

Yesterday Katie made a batch of homemade strawberry ice cream.  The best part was obviously the clean up.  It’s fun to be a kid.


Sibling Love

While Charlotte took her nap this afternoon, Olivia and I hung out on the couch. My baby bump happens to make an excellent pillow. The baby decided to investigate and started kicking Olivia’s cheek. This went on for about 10 minutes.

Olivia is a fan of # 3. . . for now.


We missed out on most of the sibling rivalry when Charlotte came along. Olivia was just too busy to care, but I don’t think we’re going to be so lucky this time. Most of our battles are over Mommy’s lap. Any advice from you parenting experts out there?

Parenting Advice #1

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First off the new camera.

So tonight we decided to have a picnic in the backyard. It was fun…. and I got to try out the new camera. Here are a few of the pics.










See the whole album of original photos….here.

The Peters Kids 2.0

Today I finally spent our Christmas cash on a (much needed) new digital camera. So, expect more pictures and video soon.


This camera Rocks! The entire back of the camera is a touch display and it does full quality mpeg1 video. It supports up to an 8gb memory card.

You can tell Olivia is excited…


Good News!

Yesterday I went to my 20-week appointment for the “big” ultrasound. My iPhoto program isn’t working right now, or I’d post a picture, but the good news is that the placenta has moved and I am no longer considered at-risk for placenta previa. Woo-hoo.

We took Olivia with us because we thought that she would enjoy being a big girl and getting to see the baby kick around. Well, not so much. The blue gel they put on you when you get an ultrasound was waaaaay more interesting. I’m not sure that she even looked at the screen. Oh well. At least we tried to to make a moment of it.

And, NO, we did not find out what we are having. It’s not even on our chart and the Doc said that she didn’t even know what the tech saw. There’s no turning back now.

I’ll get a picture up soon.

Thanks for the prayers.

I had to do it!

If you haven’t seen it yet.  Go there and waste some time. Face In A Hole

This is what we did this weekend.






Yeah I know.  I look scary.

Rock Band Anyone?

Most of you have seen these…but for those that haven’t.

Last week was part 2 of our series “I Want To Be Great”.  It was the perfect opportunity to give some people who are normally behind the scenes a chance to BE GREAT.

Before they played someone came out and explained a little about the game and how it all ties in to our series and then these guys launched into the song. Here was the line up.

Vocals – Heath (Fee Bass Player)

Guitar – Andrew Stowe(Production Volunteer)

Bass – Jack Lindsay (4th Grader)

Drums – Kaye Woods (Video/Lighting Assistant)

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Black-eyed Charlotte

Just in case anyone needed anymore proof that Charlotte is the reigning rough-and-tumble kid in our house, here you go:


It’s kind of hard to see ’cause it’s hard to get her to be still, but that is one serious shiner. I was calling her black-eyed Susan, but she would say, “Noooooooo Mommy, I Charlotte”, so black-eyed Charlotte it is.

She makes an awful cute bruiser, doesn’t she?

Just go here . . .


You’re welcome.

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