Beach Pictures

Here are the newest pictures from our beach trip to Hilton Head. If you haven’t sen them check them out. – see pics



Always with the Questions #2

So today on the way home from work and Olivia asks…

Olivia: How do you spell jump?

Mom: Juuu uuuu mmmm ppppp…. J-U-M-P.. jump.

Olivia: How do you spell bus?

Mom: B-U-S… bus

Olivia: How do you spell puke?

Living in the burbs

Almost 1 year ago we moved from the city to the suburbs. The first night that we spent in our new house was so quiet it was scary. No traffic, no sirens, no partying neighbors…I could barely sleep. One thing that we have noticed is the amount of wildlife we see in our yard. You just don’t see turtles crawling under your car in Buckhead.

My favorite part about this picture is the non-matching flip flops that Olivia picked out by herself. One pink…One blue…STYLISH!



Always with the Questions #1

Olivia(my oldest) is almost four and is really into asking questions right now. Here is a snapshot of one of our conversations two nights ago….

Olivia – Dad why aren’t you going to sleep in mmmyyyy bed.

Me – Because I sleep with mommy in our bed in our room.

– But why do you sleep in the bed with herrrr…

Me – Because we are married.

Olivia – Wwwhhhhyyyy.

Me – Ummm… because….I love her…

Olivia – But…(now she is thinking)… How will I have a baby?

Me – Yeah, let’s talk about that tomorrow.

Nothing to say

I think this picture speaks for itself.


Work Changes

For those of you who do not know, Josh and I both work at Buckhead Church, and we both love our jobs. Our work environment is almost surreal because we have so many amazing people that are sooo talented around us everyday.The sad news is: my boss/friend is leaving. She’s going to stay at home with her son, and that’s really cool, but I’m going to miss her like crazy. I’ll still get to see her all the time, though.

The good news is: my new boss is really cool. If I have ever fancied myself a cool person (and I’m pretty sure using the phrase “fancied myself” relieves me of that title) then it was only because I hadn’t met anyone this “cool” yet. He’ll be on LA Ink sometime in the Fall, so you can look for him. His wife sounds pretty cool too, former snowboard instructor, licensed chef and drop-dead gorgeous.

Hopefully I’ll get a little cooler just by knowing them–osmosis maybe.

Olivia Sings Drama Queen

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Charlotte Laughing at Olivia

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A Day in the Life

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Olivia Gets A Tricycle

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