A little CR8N

We realized this morning that Creighton has not had enough photo time recently.  So, here’s a little Creighton photo shoot.  Man… I love that guy.


Olivia walks into the bed room the other morning and say…”dad look, I gave Charlotte tattoos.”

Yeah, that’s a unicorn on one arm and a dog on the other.  That’s hardcore.

Disney Highlights

On this trip, we did the most we have ever done in one day in The Magic Kingdom.

This is what we did in the 11 hours that we were there…
It’s a Small World After All
Snow White’s Scary Adventure
Peter Pan
Pirates of the Caribbean
Road the train around the park
Played in Toon Town
Tea Cups
Buzz Light Year’s Range Spin
Haunted Mansion
Country Bear Jamboree
Aladdin’s Flying Carpets
The Tiki Room
Jungle Cruise
Spectra Magic Parade

If you’ve ever been to Disney you know that’s a lot. Our girls hung in there like champs.
We couldn’t capture it all so here’s a highlight reel…

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Coming Soon…

Disney pics are on the way but in the meantime, here’s a cute pic..

Disney Bound…

This Thursday we will celebrate Charlotte’s 3rd birthday at Disney World.  This is a tradition that comes from Katie’s side of the family, and I love.  Olivia went on her third birthday and Creighton will too!

Charlotte’s been practicing her dramatic pose… I think she’s ready for the Magic Kingdom.

Happy Half-Birthday, Baby Boy!

Creighton is 6 months old today!

Time is a flyin’

Katie’s 30th

For Katie’s 30th birthday last week we went to the GA Aquarium and then decorated a sweet cake with the girls.  This was our first trip to the aquarium… the kids had a blast.

Happy 30th babe.

The Christmas Story

The Waumba Weekday teachers did a great job planning the Christmas Program this year.  Here is one of the videos from the program.  It’s the Christmas Story told by all the weekday kids, and it’s a personal favorite.  Enjoy!

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Elfing ourselves…

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I love making these every Christmas.  Katie made this year’s, enjoy!

Quote of the Day

Katie: What does a pig say?

Charlotte: Oink, oink.

Katie: What does a doggie say?

Charlotte: Ruff, ruff.

Katie: What does a kitty cat say?

Charlotte: Meow, meow.

Katie: What does a bear say?

Charlotte: Somebody’s been eating my porridge.

: )

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