Life is busy! So in a nutshell:

We finally took a pic of the new paint on the house.

The girls got pony rides at Fall at the Farm.

Josh ran The Big Pumpkin 5K.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. Cooked my first turkey. Auntcy and Christopher (hopefully Uncle Christopher soon, hint hint) came to visit.

Creighton got his first tooth with another coming in, but Olivia still hasn’t lost her wobbly one.

Charlotte is still a walking improv skit.

Looking forward to a slower end of the year!

Her Prince

Josh keeps forgetting to post this story, so I’m going to do it for him because it’s too sweet to pass up.

The conversation went like this:

Josh: You are my little girlfriends.

Olivia: We’re not your girlfriends. Mommy is your girlfriend.

Charlotte: ‘Lijah is my boyfriend.

Josh: Oh yeah, why is he your boyfriend?

Charlotte: ‘Cause we play together.

Olivia: Are you going to kiss him?

Charlotte: No. He’s not my prince. Daddy’s my prince.

And that was a good enough answer for Josh : )

Sunday Morning w/ Dad

7:00am… happy.

Slow Down!

Lala has a loose tooth!

What’s next? Dating?

Feather Chickens

Yesterday we got to the craft table at the pancake breakfast just a little too late. They sent some supplies home with us so that the girls wouldn’t miss out on the fun. ( First gold star moment for Olivia’s school next year)

This morning we finished the project.

Charlotte dubbed them Feather Chickens. That’s a whole lot more fun than turkeys.

Thanksgiving decorations: Check.

Halloween and Other Stuff

Just a few recent photos..

Caption Please

To steal a trick from the Ragamuffin Blogging Handbook… caption please…

A Sunday Snapshot

Enjoy this shot.  It’s rare but it happens from time to time.  No one’s screaming.  No one’s crying.  We are all smiles.  I enjoy the Sundays that I work the 6pm.  This is the easy shift… cartoons, milk, juice, naps.

Katie gets the tough shift today.  A full work day startig at 4:30am, after nap crankiness, then dinner and bed time… whooo.  Love ya babe!

Magic 3-Month Milestone

When you’re pregnant (at least when I was pregnant), there is a sudden end to morning sickness and fatigue right at the 3-month mark.

When you have an infant (at least with my infants), there is a sudden end to unexplainable fussiness.

Look at this face:

That is magic. That is all smiles and cuddles and sweet baby sounds.

I am putty in those tiny little hands.

But it’s not the first time, all three of them did it to me.

I love 3-month-olds!

The Day That Changed Everything

Five years ago today, Josh and I had no idea what we were in for.

We thought the hospital staff was collectively insane for leaving us in charge of this fragile little life.

It seemed like she would stay that tiny forever.

She turned us into parents and that changed everything.

Happy Birthday, Olivia. We love you, sweet girl!

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