I’m a Lucky Gal

Today Creighton was having a pretty rough day. His Mom forgot to put his Miracle Blanket in his diaper bag. Naps don’t go well without his Miracle Blanket.

But, because I work in the best environment EVER, we were able to navigate through naptime this way:

I just brought my laptop downstairs and worked while he slept. I could hear my girls giggling and having a good time down the hall.

It just doesn’t get any better than that.

A Video Only A Grandmother Could Love.

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Told ya.

Orange Day

Every October they have an “Orange Day” in Waumba Land. My girls dig it.

A Double Ta-Da!

Pumpkins in the Park.

Isn’t Fall fun?

That’s what you get…

when your kids listen to Paramore.  A little practice for her Pink Zebra Rock N Roll party.  Enjoy!

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I’m in trouble…

This says it all.

No Time.

Welp, it’s true.

The third child gets no pictures.

Here’s one of the four pictures that we’ve taken of him in the past several weeks. Who’s got time for pictures ??!???!

That is his “My-Mom-Is-Nuts” face. But he loves me the best anyway ; )

If you run into him somewhere, take his picture. He’s gonna need all the help he can get in this department.

I Got Bored.

Excuse me while I  go scrub them in the bathtub now.

Quit Your Whining!

That’s actually for me, not my kids.

I had plans to blog about my overwhelming week last week. I took pictures of the 84,000 items we have to load up every morning, and I was going to whine.

But then I thought about it.  I have way more reasons to be grateful than I do to complain.

• I have three beautiful, healthy children.
• The third one is a boy (A BOY!).
• I have a hot hubby that does more than his share around the house and even takes a late night feeding.
• I have an awesome job, and an awesome boss.
• I take the hot hubby and beautiful kids to work with me.
• We have the most amazing support system of friends and family.
• We have a roof over our head and three meals a day.
• This list could actually go on forever.
**Considering myself scolded.**
Here’s a picture to make this post pretty 🙂

My Girls

Today was a long day. This week has been along week.

But that will be a different post. Today my girls made me smile.

Watching my girls cuddle on the couch today has been the highlight of my day.

It doesn’t get any sweeter than that.

Finally caught one

He’s been treating us to smiles for a while now, but they are just so hard to catch on camera.

I got one today.


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