Saturday Morning Photo Shoot

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The 1st Practice

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It’s Starting

Just as the world turns it’s gaze away from Beijing and towards home, the next athletic star is rising.

It’s official, I’m a soccer mom. Tonight is her first practice. If she plays the part as well as she dresses the part, we’ve got a champ on our hands : )

“Daddy’s Home”

Those words are like music to my ears right now.

Tag! You’re it.

They’re both pretty cute though, huh?


Little dude did not sleep last night. He is finally napping. One wrong move and this guy will explode. Thank God for laptops.

Oh yeah, and I got all my hair cut off. Three kids make you do crazy things.

All Quiet on the Home Front

Well, we survived yesterday. There were some tense moments, but the girls got a nice lesson in delayed gratification. There may or may not have been an ice cream bribe involved. All in all, I think I can do this.

Today is pretty quiet. We’re just haning out and I’m trying to the the house clean (translation: everything shoved into closets) before small group comes over tonight.

Here’s a few pics of the boy:

Only 5 hours until the rest of the clan joins us.

The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life

Today is my first solo day as a mom of three. The houseguests are all gone and the girls are home from preschool.

I’m only on my second batch of coffee, and so far, we’re doing okay. No injuries. No Joan Crawford moments.

Tummy Time is a hit.

Charlotte is in her own little world as usual. She’s “teaching letters to her Pollys” right now.

Only 7 hours until Daddy gets home.

Frisbee Golf With Dad

Three things first :

1. I used to play under par in college (I had free time) and Olivia has great form.

2. Charlotte has the most amazing victory dance.

3. Notice the patch of red paint. That will soon be the color of our house… along with white trim.

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We’re all home!

We intended to make the announcement as soon as we got home, but there has just been too much baby lovin’ going on. We were discharged yesterday around lunchtime and have been holding Creighton ever since.

The girls are thrilled and I think they may be a little overprotective. Just try getting baby “Creighty” out of her arms:



We’ll upload more pictures soon. Thanks for all of the support we received while we were in NICU.

Look Ma, no tubes!

The NICU people finally took Creighton off preemie protocol (duh) and are letting him feed on demand. No more feeding tube for our little man cub.


If he does well with his next 6-8 feedings, he’ll come home (we’ve already had two successful ones)

Woo Hoo!

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